Kalari Vinyasa

Dynamic Flow

  • 75 min $10 per person
    minimum 3 people
  • Book your session via WhatsApp (+507) 6240 2705 or at the reception of Las Lajas Beach Resort

Kalari Yoga is based on the more than 3000 years old Indian martial art kalaripayattu. Kalari, that means battlefield, is both a fight and a healing art with healing tecniques based on yoga, meditation, pressurepoint massage with medical oils and Ayurveda.

When performed, it feels fluïd, natural, energetic, and challanging. After performance the body has been through a workout and the mind is calm, clear and harmonic. Try this dynamic workout for your body and mind to improve your strength, flexibility, mobility, stamina and inner peace.

We offer a Vinyasa style of this dynamic martial art yoga for peacefull warriors!!!