Relaxing Fun for kids

  • Kids Body Massage
    30 min $30
  • Book your massage via WhatsApp (+507) 6240 2705 or at the reception of Las Lajas Beach Resort

This gentle massage is a fun and relaxing experience for your kids. The sound of the running iguanas, the sounds of the birds and the waves, the humming birds visiting the colorful flowers, make this an relaxing adventure!

And there is more! Massage is beneficial at any age and because children are still developing, it can be especially helpful for them. Just like food, exercise and good care, touch is an essential element for your child´s sense of well-being and good health.

Children are brought into the fast pace of life very early on. Caught between play, school, sports and countless demands, children have a good deal of stress. Massage therapy reduces stress hormone levels, which improves the imune system with result better health and well-being.

As for children’s behavioral response, studies have shown that children, who receive massages, are in a better mood, more calm, collaborative and sleep better (Journal of Pediatric Psychology).