Deep & Relax Fusion Massage

  • Full Body Massage
    60 min $50
    90 min $70
  • Book your massage via WhatsApp (+507) 6240 2705 or at the reception of Las Lajas Beach Resort

Feel renewed with this unique fusion massage that blends the best techniques into one powerful treatment, using long firm strokes, rhythmic kneading, acupressure, vibration, shaking and gentle stretching.

This full body treatment works gently yet deeply into your muscles, attaining continuous relaxation, ending with Tsuboki, a detailed Japonese, neck & face massage.

This massage offers all the best strokes in one treatment and leaves you feeling a natural high of profound relaxation.

We usually do not realize how powerful human touch is when it comes to healing. For centuries, many cultures have practiced various massage techniques to ease physical and mental ailments and enlighten one’s spirit.

Besides guiding you into a profound state of relaxation, we can help you to find the places in your body that may be “holding” your pain and inhibiting your progress. Body tension of which you may be unaware, will be relieved. Our physical body holds emotions even when your conscious mind does not experience them as feelings.