Our breath is our most important vital life force energy. Learning to breathe properly is a valuable tool in helping to strengthen the respiratory system, to sooth the nervous system and to increase concentration.

Pranayama or Yoga breathing, is a form of breathwork and a main component of yoga.
Prana means life energy, or breath.
Yama means expansion and control.

With Pranayama exercises you purposely inhale, exhale and hold your breath in a specific sequence. You control the timing, duration, and frequency of every breath and hold.

Your body will be supplied with oxygen, while toxins will be removed, with the result of better health and feeling of well-being.

Add sound vibration to your breathwork session and you will deepen your state of tranquility. The vibrations of the singing bowls will massage the cells of your body and nervous system, retuning your body, mind and spirit. 

We integrate breathwork in our Yoga classes. Ask for our combination class or contact us for a custom made session.