Do you like to design your own private wellness retreat?

Experience a fully customized, wellness retreat for yourself or for up to eight people at the Las Lajas Beach Resort, a few steps away from our studio.

Get energyzed and deeply relaxed while you disconnect from the stress of daily life. Feel what it means to “be here now” and choose from our Wellness Menu below.
Do as much or as little as YOU like.

Select your dates and contact us for more details. We look forward to designing a personalized program just for you and help you to create some amazing days you will not forget!


The sessions and classes will be done in our private beachfront ‘Rancho’, open to the air and sounds around you, located next to the Resort.

Spend some nights and enjoy a room at the hotel, with beachfront Bar-Restaurant, pool and the ocean right in front of you.

The  menu a la carte offers local and international food, with additional vegan and vegetarian options. Besides the full Beverage menu, also green drinks and plant-based smoothies are available.

For more information
about the accommodation,
write to