Vinyasa Flow

Energizing, fluent movement

  • 75 min $10 per person
    minimum 3 people
  • Book your session via WhatsApp (+507) 6240 2705 or at the reception of Las Lajas Beach Resort

Vinyasa Flow is a form of yoga in which you move smoothly from one pose into the next. The poses are linked together in a continuous movement with the breath. This flowing style creates a movement meditation and no two classes are ever alike.

The variable nature of this yoga style, helps you to develop a more balanced body, as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries. Like nature, you will enter into a posture, be there for a while and then leave …..

The Sanskrit word Vinyasa, means variation within prescribed parameters, also translated as to place in a special way. This means we are bringing consciousness to each movement in each moment.

This Flow yoga can be practiced in a vigorous, dynamic way and also practiced as a soft, gentle, restorive session. Vinyasa generates heat and build up your cardiovascular endurance, also build strength, coupled with flexibility.